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 Chapter 226 Department of Transportation 
226.003   Public rest areas, department of transportation not to contract for the operation of truck stops, fueling stations, convenience stores or restaurants. (8/28/2001)
226.005   State department of transportation created — authority of commission — compensation of employees. (8/28/1998)
226.007   Transfer of agencies. (8/28/1995)
226.008   Responsibilities and authority of highways and transportation commission — transfer of authority to department of transportation. (8/28/2014)
226.009   Out-of-service orders against motor carriers, actions of commission, notice, responsibilities of motor carriers — admissibility of orders — hearing and review of order, venue, procedure — review and disclosure of information — update of records — enforcement — liability. (8/28/2006)
226.010   Definitions. (8/28/1949)
226.020   State highways and transportation commission created. (8/28/1939)
226.030   Number of members — qualifications — term — removal — compensation. (8/28/2009)
226.033   Prohibited acts by certain commissioners. (8/28/2010)
226.033   Prohibited acts by certain commissioners. (8/28/2003)
226.040   State highways and transportation commission to appoint director of department of transportation, qualifications, duties — chief engineer, qualifications, duties — assistants and other employees. (8/28/1998)
226.050   Secretary to be appointed — duties and powers. (8/28/1951)
226.060   Authorized to select chief legal counsel — salary and qualifications — assistant attorneys, how appointed. (8/28/2004)
226.070   Attorney general shall advise commission, when. (8/28/1939)
226.080   Salaries, how fixed — veterans' preference authorized. (1/1/1978)
226.090   Commissioners and employees — oath — bond — selection and removal of employees to be without regard to political affiliation. (8/28/1951)
226.092   Commission may provide automobile liability insurance, when — self-insured and partial self-insured plans, when. (8/28/2004)
226.095   Arbitration for negligence actions, when. (8/28/1999)
226.096   Certain controversies or claims to be settled by arbitration — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2003)
226.100   Principal office to be in Jefferson City — persons authorized to administer oaths. (8/28/1999)
226.110   State transportation department building the official residence of the state highways and transportation commission — maintenance and repair in charge of board of public buildings. (8/28/1949)
226.120   Chairman and vice chairman, election, term — quorum — monthly meeting, required. (8/28/1976)
226.130   Duties and powers of commission — rulemaking, procedure. (8/28/1995)
226.132   Department of transportation to create transportation plan for the state, information required — submission deadline. (8/28/2000)
226.133   Funding authorized for highway and bridge repairs and construction, transportation plans approved by the general assembly, bonds may be issued, requirements, procedure. (5/30/2000)
226.134   Projects funded by bonds to conform with priorities of 1992 plan, exception. (8/28/2000)
226.135   Commission authorized to contract with other jurisdictions — multistate permits for certain vehicles — fees — over-dimension permit fund established. (8/28/1990)
226.136   Campaign contributions to state elected officials a prohibition to serving as bond investment advisors or underwriters, when. (9/30/1993)
226.140   Audit of records, when — plan to modernize transportation system, report. (8/28/1998)
226.150   Commission directed to comply with acts of Congress relating to road funds and road work — may sell unnecessary tools, commission employees not to purchase, exception. (8/28/1977)
226.160   Extension of workers' compensation law to include employees of state highways and transportation commission and state highway patrol — self-insurance plans, when. (6/3/1986)
226.170   Election of state highways and transportation commission, how construed. (8/28/1945)
226.181   Parks, requests for federal aid, notice to be given department. (8/28/1995)
226.190   Assent to act of Congress for aid to state roads. (8/28/1939)
226.191   State transportation assistance revolving fund created — administration — powers of commission — fund not to lapse. (8/28/1996)
226.195   Missouri state transit assistance program — definitions, purpose, rulemaking authority. (8/28/2011)
226.200   State highways and transportation department fund — sources of revenue — expenditures. (8/28/2002)
226.210   Road bond interest and sinking fund. (8/28/1945)
226.220   State road fund — sources — expenditures. (8/28/1945)
226.225   State transportation fund established, purposes. (5/9/1980)
226.230   Auditor, treasurer and highways and transportation commission — duties. (8/28/1939)
226.240   Authorized to acquire, by lease, purchase or condemnation, lands, mines, quarries or other property. (8/28/1939)
226.250   Authorized to acquire, by lease, purchase, or condemnation, plants or factories. (8/28/1939)
226.260   Right conferred to maintain and operate such mines, lands, quarries, plants, factories or other property. (8/28/1939)
226.270   Method of procedure in case of condemnation proceedings. (8/28/1939)
226.280   Definitions. (8/28/1939)
226.290   Interpretations. (8/28/1939)
226.300   Purpose of law. (8/28/1939)
226.310   Duties and powers of state transportation department. (8/28/1939)
226.320   State agencies to cooperate. (8/28/1939)
226.330   State transportation department to accept donations of and acquire lands. (8/28/1939)
226.340   Area to be provided for parkway purposes. (8/28/1939)
226.350   State to convey necessary areas in fee simple to United States. (8/28/1939)
226.360   Political subdivisions to convey parkway areas. (8/28/1939)
226.370   Areas to be in accordance with preliminary development and property maps. (8/28/1939)
226.380   Areas prohibited from certain uses. (8/28/1939)
226.390   Use of existing highways in connection with parkways — conditions. (8/28/1939)
226.400   Concurrent jurisdiction ceded to United States. (8/28/1939)
226.410   All other powers preserved to state. (8/28/1939)
226.420   Powers and duties of state transportation department in parkway area. (8/28/1939)
226.430   Powers to be exercised when funds are appropriated. (8/28/1939)
226.440   Commission established. (8/28/1979)
226.445   Commission members, number, term, appointment — compensation — staff. (8/28/1999)
226.450   Meetings, number required annually — called how — quorum. (8/28/1979)
226.455   Commission's duties. (8/28/1979)
226.460   Commission's powers. (8/28/1979)
226.465   State agencies to cooperate. (8/28/1979)
226.490   Official highway maps — certain attractions to be designated, when. (8/28/1985)

Any city or county may adopt regulations of outdoor advertising that are more restrictive than those in sections 226.500 to 226.600, 71.288

226.500   Purpose of law. (8/28/2012)
226.501   Tenth amendment to United States Constitution quoted. (3/30/1972)
226.502   Legislative intent — funds to be used. (3/30/1972)
226.510   Definitions. (8/28/1999)
226.520   Permitted signs — specifications. (8/28/2017)
226.525   Natural wonders and historic attractions, signs, how erected — private owners to reimburse commission — rules to be promulgated for tourist-oriented directional signs. (8/28/1999)
226.527   Signs not to be visible from main highway — removal, compensation — no removal, when — local law applicable, when, extent. (8/28/2007)
226.530   Permits — rulemaking. (8/28/1995)
226.531   Definitions — sexually oriented billboards prohibited, when — existing billboards to be conforming, when — violation, penalty. (8/28/2004)
226.532   Attorney general to represent the state in certain actions. (8/28/2004)
226.535   Travel information signs, where erected — rules to be consistent with national standards. (3/30/1972)
226.540   Signs permitted on certain highways — lighting restrictions — size, location — zones — specifications. (8/28/2002)
226.541   Conforming out of standard signs treated as conforming, when — definitions — duties of owners — local zoning authorities may prohibit resetting of signs — inspections. (8/28/2012)
226.545   Landmark signs, permitted when. (8/28/1976)
226.550   Permits, fees for, exemption — permits to be issued for existing signs, exceptions — biennial inspection fees, collection, deposit, exceptions — permit to erect sign lapses, when. (8/28/2002)
226.560   Certain provisions to affect subsequently erected signs only. (3/30/1972)
226.570   Highways and transportation commission to remove and pay for signs, order of removal — funds must be available before removal — removal of certain signs must be ordered by Secretary of Transportation. (3/30/1972)
226.573   Rulemaking — new technology in outdoor advertising. (8/28/2002)
226.580   Unlawful signs defined — removal authorized — notice — owner may proceed, how — removal costs, how paid — review of order, how — order of removal — reimbursement to owner, when. (8/28/2002)
226.585   Vegetation along right-of-way, cutting of — transportation department, duties. (8/28/2002)
226.590   Matching funds — source. (8/28/1965)
226.600   Penalty. (8/28/1965)
226.650   Purpose of law. (8/28/1965)
226.660   Definitions. (8/28/1965)
226.670   Licenses — fee. (8/28/1965)
226.680   Prohibited areas — exceptions. (8/28/1965)
226.690   Preexisting junkyards — screening — removal. (8/28/1965)
226.700   Rules authorized — injunctive relief. (8/28/1965)
226.710   Unlicensed junkyard — penalty. (8/28/1965)
226.720   Unscreened junkyards near state and county roads prohibited — penalty. (8/28/2011)
226.750   Beautification, rest, recreational areas authorized. (8/28/1965)
226.760   Acquisition, condemnation authority. (8/28/1965)
226.770   Authority to contract with public agencies for funds. (8/28/2018)
226.780   Expenditures limited to federal funds, when. (8/28/2018)
226.790   Commercial facilities within rest or recreation areas prohibited. (8/28/1965)
226.792   U.S. Route 66, original roads and highways to be renamed "Route 66". (8/28/1998)
226.795   Scenic road, State Highway 19 designation, duties. (8/28/1989)
226.796   U.S. Highway 66 designated historic highway — duties — costs, how paid. (8/28/1990)
226.797   Scenic roads and highways system to be established — commission's powers and duties — counties or municipalities may make application, procedure to join or remove from scenic system. (8/28/1990)
226.798   Factors considered in designating a road or highway a scenic byway — rating system to be established. (8/28/1995)
226.799   Procedure to designate a road or highway as scenic, publication — hearing — county or city in area affected to notify commission of approval or rejection, effect. (8/28/1995)
226.800   Marking national historic trails with approved signs — donations. (8/28/1986)
226.801   Signs and outdoor advertising, rules and regulations. (8/28/1995)
226.805   Interstate agency committee on special transportation created — members — powers and duties. (8/28/2018)
226.808   Duties of department to assist and furnish — staff for committee — annual report, content. (8/28/1988)
226.900   Goals and reports on minority employment, training and use of minority-owned construction companies. (9/30/1993)
226.905   Contract requirements for use of minority-owned construction companies on projects with federal funding. (9/30/1993)
226.907   Minority-owned construction companies not required, when. (9/30/1993)
226.910   Contract requirements not in compliance with federal law to be null and void. (9/30/1993)
226.925   Fund created, donations, use of moneys to pay for renewal fee and maintenance of signs for memorial bridges or highways designated for medal of honor recipients. (8/28/2021)
226.950   Definitions. (8/28/1998)
226.952   Approved location of highway corridor, certified copy of corridor map filed where — requirements prior to filing. (8/28/1995)
226.955   Revision of corridor map, procedure — commission to dispose of property if highway not constructed within ten years. (8/28/1999)
226.957   Exceptions to highway corridor law — fee to be paid to city or county on filing of corridor map by commission. (8/28/1995)
226.959   Applications and requests by landowners on land abutting or in corridor, copies to be furnished to commission. (8/28/1995)
226.961   Applications or requests not to be approved by city or county without commission approval — procedure. (8/28/1995)
226.963   Approval by commission may be conditioned upon modification or limits — rejection by city, county or landowner procedure. (8/28/1995)
226.965   Commission not concurring with application or request may acquire property — notice of intent, procedure. (8/28/1995)
226.967   Notice of intent to acquire by commission, procedure, time limitation, effect — corridor location changes or failure to start construction, prior property owner first refusal to reacquire property at cost. (8/28/1998)
226.969   Recorder of deeds not to record plat, or city or county issue building permits, until commission has time to act on request or agreement to acquire. (8/28/1995)
226.971   Violations, authority of commission to bring actions in circuit court — restoration of property to its original condition by court order — acts in violation to be unenforceable. (8/28/1995)
226.973   Cities and counties to have authority to take actions to preserve and enforce highway corridor. (8/28/1995)
226.975   Commission not required to file plans. (8/28/1998)
226.1115   Property removed from roadway to be taken to shoulder or berm of roadway. (8/28/2002)
226.1150   German Heritage Corridor of Missouri designated for certain counties located along the Missouri River — signage. (8/28/2023)
226.1160   Stars and Stripes Historic Region of Missouri designated for counties — signage. (8/28/2023)
 - Cross References
Amber alert system created, 210.1012
Biodiesel fuel to be used in department's vehicle fleet and heavy equipment, 414.365
County highway, transfer to state transportation department, 230.110
Educational grants for surviving children of officers and employees killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Elderly health and nutrition act, 208.600 to 208.627
Federal funding for airports, powers and duties, laws and rules governing, 305.237 to 305.239
Financial report annually, content, audit, when, 105.661 to health benefit plans for state employees, 104.801
Housemovers, special permit, duties of chief engineer, 324.715
Johnson grass control and eradication, duties, 263.261
Legal counsel for department to represent against claims, 105.716
Legal expense fund, settlements and judgments paid, report to be submitted by legal counsel of department, when, 105.713
Missouri National Guard members offered interview for state positions, when, 36.221, 105.1204
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Outdoor advertising structures, city ordinances may restrict, 71.288
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
Removal of plants from state and county highway rights-of-way, without permission prohibited, exceptions, violations penalties, 229.475 to 229.481
Retirement benefits, subject to attachment, assignment, garnishment, and execution for child support, 104.250
Retirement system for transportation department employees and highway patrol, Chap. 104
Retirement systems, actuarial evaluation required at least biennially, 105.664
Scholarships or grants for disabled personnel injured or survivors of personnel killed in the line of duty, 173.260
School warning signs, retro reflective sheeting to be used, grants issued by department of transportation, procedure, 160.675
Signs required by transportation department to be manufactured by penal institutions, 301.290
State legal expense fund, reimbursement by department, 105.716
Traffic regulations of counties of first class to be approved by highways and transportation commission, 304.130
Veterans, state agency forms to include veteran data, information on agency's veteran services provided, when, 42.051
Weight of loads may be reduced by commission, when, 304.210

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