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 Chapter 302 Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses 
302.010   Definitions. (8/28/2022)
302.011   Lawfully present defined. (8/28/2004)
302.015   License classification system, director to establish — categories. (1/1/2017)
302.020   Operation of motor vehicle without proper license prohibited, penalty — motorcycles — special license — protective headgear, failure to wear, fine, amount — no points to be assessed. (8/28/2020)
302.025   Driver training programs, instruction on traffic stops. (8/28/2018)
302.026   Motorcycle operators twenty-six years of age or older, no protective headgear required, when — proof of insurance coverage required. (8/28/2020)
302.041   License by municipality not required. (8/28/1989)
302.051   Government-owned vehicles, who may operate. (8/28/1989)
302.060   License not to be issued to whom, exceptions — reinstatement requirements. (8/28/2018)
302.063   No issuance of a driver's license to illegal aliens or persons who cannot prove lawful presence. (8/28/2008)
302.067   Lawful presence or citizenship, proof of to be presented once — exceptions. (8/28/2014)
302.080   Exemptions from license law. (8/28/1990)
302.110   List of licensed drivers. (8/28/1989)
302.120   Applications for license, accident reports and court convictions to be filed, how. (8/28/1989)
302.130   Issuance of temporary instruction permit, when — requirements — duration — permit driver sticker or sign issued, when — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2012)
302.132   Minimum age and requirements to apply for temporary motorcycle instruction permit, restrictions. (8/28/1995)
302.133   Definitions. (8/28/2014)
302.134   Motorcycle safety education program, commission to establish and set standards, program to include certain subjects — authority to adopt rules, procedure to adopt, suspend and revoke. (8/28/2014)
302.135   Private or public institutions may also conduct motorcycle training courses, tuition fee may be charged — certificate to be issued — sticker on driver's license as evidence of completed course. (8/28/2014)
302.137   Motorcycle safety trust fund established, purpose — operators of motorcycles or motortricycles in violation of laws or ordinances to be assessed surcharge, collection, distribution. (8/28/2014)
302.140   Instruction permit, fee. (8/28/1995)
302.150   Driving privilege of nonresident subject to suspension, revocation or disqualification — conviction records sent to other states. (8/28/1989)
302.160   Assessment of points and suspension or revocation of license, notice of conviction outside Missouri. (8/28/2000)
302.169   Selective Service System registration at time of application for driver's license, procedure. (7/1/2003)
302.170   Federal REAL ID Act, compliance with — definitions — retention of documents — inapplicability, when — issuance of compliant licenses and ID cards, procedure — biometric data restrictions — privacy — violations, civil damages and criminal penalties — data retention. (8/28/2020)
302.171   Application for license — form — content — educational materials to be provided to applicants under twenty-one — voluntary contribution to certain programs and fund — denial of driving privilege, when — exemption from requirement to provide proof of residency — one-year renewal, requirements. (8/28/2022)
302.172   Exchange of drivers' licenses, foreign countries, reciprocal agreements, content. (8/28/2001)
302.173   Driver's examination required, when — exceptions — procedure — military motorcycle rider training, no further driving test required. (8/28/2018)
302.174   Deaf or hard of hearing, driver's license special notation, definitions — ASL informational video — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2018)
302.175   Vision requirements — examination — license may be issued with conditions, limitations, restrictions. (8/28/1989)
302.176   First-time licenses, information to receive — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2018)
302.177   Licenses, issuance and renewal, duration, fees. (8/28/2008)
302.178   Intermediate driver's license, issued to whom, requirements, limitations, fee, duration, point assessment — penalty, application for full driving privileges, requirements — exceptions — penalty — rulemaking authority, procedure. (8/28/2014)
302.179   Notice of expiration of license. (8/28/1989)
302.180   Photo identification for election purpose, nondriver identification card not compliant with federal REAL ID Act to be issued. (8/28/2017)
302.181   Form of license — information shown — digital image required, exception — temporary license — nondriver's license, fee, duration — exception — digital driver's license program, requirements — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2020)
302.182   Permanent disability notation on driver's and nondriver's licenses — rulemaking authority. (7/1/2010)
302.184   Boater identification card, notation for compliance with boating safety requirements — rulemaking authority. (7/1/2010)
302.185   Duplicate license, REAL ID compliant license — how obtained — fee. (8/28/2017)
302.186   Active military duty, expiration of driver's license during, renewal without examination, when — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2011)
302.187   Municipalities and counties to pay replacement costs of driver's license, when. (8/28/1999)
302.188   Veteran designation on driver's licensed or ID card, requirements — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2021)
302.190   Duration of suspension of license — new license, when. (8/28/1939)
302.200   Effect of revocation — penalty. (8/28/1989)
302.205   Medical alert notation on driver's license or nondriver's identification card, when — procedure — rulemaking authority. (7/31/2021)
302.220   Prohibited uses of license. (8/28/1989)
302.225   Surrender of license — record of convictions, kept where, by whom — revocation by city officials prohibited. (9/30/2005)
302.228   Fees, how deposited. (8/28/1961)
302.230   Penalty for false statement or affidavit. (7/9/2004)
302.233   Fraud in obtaining a license or permit, penalty. (7/9/2004)
302.250   Children forbidden to operate motor vehicle. (8/28/1939)
302.260   Unlicensed person operating motor vehicle prohibited. (8/28/1939)
302.272   School bus endorsement, qualifications — grounds for refusal to issue or renew endorsement — rulemaking authority — reciprocity. (8/28/2018)
302.273   Federal rule compliance for bus drivers. (9/30/2005)
302.274   Central depository concerning certain bus drivers, to be maintained by director of revenue. (8/28/1997)
302.275   Notification by employer of school bus driver to director of revenue, when, penalty for noncompliance, by an employer. (8/28/1997)
302.276   Suspension of school bus permit, when, penalty for noncompliance by driver with suspended permit. (8/28/1997)
302.281   Suspension for unsatisfied judgment. (8/28/1989)
302.286   Theft of motor fuel punishable by suspension of driver's license — reinstatement fee required. (8/28/2001)
302.291   Incompetent or unqualified operators, director may require examination, when — report permitted, when, by whom, contents, immunity from liability — confidentiality, penalty — rules — appeal — reinstatement. (8/28/2013)
302.292   Medical/vision advisory board established, qualifications, appointment, terms, vacancy, how filled — expenses — meetings — no liability for board, when. (1/1/1999)
302.301   Restricted licenses. (8/28/1996)
302.302   Point system — assessment for violation — assessment of points stayed, when, procedure. (3/3/2014)
302.303   Conviction for failure to maintain financial responsibility or court-ordered supervision, court to forward to revenue, failure to appear in court — procedure — revenue to maintain records of court reports. (1/1/2000)
302.304   Notice of points — suspension or revocation of license, when, duration — reinstatement, condition, point reduction, fee — failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility, effect — point reduction prior to conviction, effect — surrender of license — reinstatement of license when drugs or alcohol involved, assignment recommendation, judicial review — fees for program — supplemental fees. (1/1/2017)
302.306   Reduction of point value charged after period of safe driving. (8/28/1989)
302.308   Effect of conviction prior to enactment. (8/28/1989)
302.309   Return of license, when — limited driving privilege, when granted, application, when denied — judicial review of denial by director of revenue — rulemaking. (1/1/2017)
302.311   Suspension or revocation — appeals from — procedure. (8/28/1951)
302.312   Department of revenue and department of health and senior services, bureau of vital statistics, records, admissible in evidence, when — computer terminal printout of individual driving record admissible as evidence, printout available to driver, when, fee. (8/28/1996)
302.321   Driving while license or driving privilege is cancelled, suspended or revoked, penalty — enhanced penalty for repeat offenders — imprisonment, mandatory, exception. (1/1/2017)
302.340   Penalty for violations. (8/28/1989)
302.341   Moving traffic violation, failure to prepay fine or appear in court, license suspended, procedure. (8/28/2015)
302.342   Suspended or revoked license, person changing state of residence, cleared of requirements. (8/28/1991)
302.345   Diversion program participation prohibited, when. (9/30/2005)
302.347   Federal record-keeping rule to be adopted. (9/30/2005)
302.400   Suspension or revocation of driving privileges, persons under twenty-one years of age — violation of certain laws — surrender of licenses — court to forward to director of revenue — period of suspension. (1/1/2017)
302.405   Revocation of driving privileges, persons over twenty-one years of age — possession or use of drug in motor vehicle — surrender of licenses — court shall forward order to department of revenue. (1/1/2017)
302.410   Director of revenue to suspend or revoke license, when — hardship driving privileges may be granted, procedure — temporary instruction permits allowed, when. (1/1/2017)
302.415   Failure to surrender licenses, certain law enforcement officer may seize. (1/1/2017)
302.420   License reinstatement, substance abuse traffic offender program — professional assessment — supplemental fee, disposition, failure to remit, penalty. (1/1/2017)
302.425   Completion of substance abuse traffic offender program, persons under twenty-one years of age, required, when, standards by department of mental health. (1/1/2017)
302.426   Department of revenue — rules and regulations. (1/1/2017)
302.440   Devices, use of, when. (1/1/2017)
302.441   Employment exemption variance, permitted when — restrictions. (8/28/2017)
302.442   Cost of interlock device may reduce amount of fine — vehicles affected — proof of compliance, when, report — maintenance cost — calibration checks. (1/1/2017)
302.454   Use of device shall be required, when. (1/1/2017)
302.456   Court shall send order to department of revenue — record keeping required. (1/1/2017)
302.458   Commission to certify devices, adopt guidelines — certification information, standards — consultation before certification. (1/1/2017)
302.460   Manufacturer warning required. (1/1/2017)
302.462   Revocation, automatic, period — notification to department — reinstatement fee — limitation. (1/1/2017)
302.500   Definitions. (1/1/2017)
302.505   Determination by department to suspend or revoke license, when made, basis — final, when. (9/29/2001)
302.510   Arresting officer, duties — certain arrests not to be basis for administrative suspension or revocation. (8/28/2005)
302.515   Notice of suspension or revocation by department — deemed received, when — contents. (8/28/1984)
302.520   Arresting officer to serve notice of suspension or revocation, when — to possess license, issue temporary permit, give written notice of driver's rights and responsibilities — application for hearing. (9/29/2001)
302.525   Suspension or revocation, when effective, duration — restricted driving privilege — effect of suspension or revocation by court on charges arising out of same occurrence — revocation due to alcohol-related offenses, requirements. (1/1/2017)
302.530   Request for administrative review, when made — temporary permit, duration — telephone hearings permitted, when — hearing, venue, conduct — decision, notice, final when — appeal for judicial review — rulemaking authority. (8/28/2012)
302.535   Trial de novo, conduct, venue, what judge may hear, when — restricted driving privilege, when, duration of. (8/28/2002)
302.536   Department to pay court costs and attorney fees, when. (8/28/1996)
302.540   Reinstatement of license — completion of substance abuse traffic offender program a condition — individual assessment, judicial review — fees and cost, distribution of — treatment demonstration project may be created. (1/1/2017)
302.541   Additional reinstatement fee, license to operate motor vehicle, when — proof of financial responsibility, not required, when. (1/1/2017)
302.545   Expungement of records, when. (8/28/2009)
302.574   Temporary permit issued by officer, when — report required, contents — revocation of license, procedure — reinstatement, when — fees — proof of interlock device, when — violations, penalty. (8/28/2019)
302.580   Substance abuse traffic offender program, court may order participation in, when — professional assessment — supplemental fees, deposition — failure to remit, penalty. (1/1/2017)
302.584   Rules, effective, when — rules invalid and void, when. (1/1/2017)
302.592   Missouri uniform law enforcement system records, information entered by highway patrol, when, made available, to whom — failure to furnish records to patrol, penalty. (1/1/2017)
302.600   Driver license compact. (8/28/1985)
302.605   Driver license compact — definitions — applicability of — reports to director of revenue, when, by whom. (1/1/2017)
302.700   Citation of law — definitions. (8/28/2018)
302.705   Commercial motor vehicle operator, only one license — age requirements — notice to employer and director upon conviction for motor vehicle violation, when. (1/1/2017)
302.710   Suspension, revocation or cancellation of license, notice to employer, when. (1/1/2017)
302.720   Operation without license prohibited, exceptions — instruction permit, use, duration, fee — license, test required, contents, fee — certification of third-party testers — certain persons prohibited from obtaining license, exceptions — testing accommodations for applicants with disabilities, rules, null and void when. (8/28/2020)
302.721   Third-party commercial driver license examination program created, purpose, funding — rules. (8/28/2002)
302.723   Deaf and hard of hearing, accommodations for training and application process — null and void, when. (8/28/2020)
302.725   Driving without commercial driver's license, penalty. (9/30/2005)
302.727   Driving a commercial motor vehicle while revoked, crime of, penalty. (1/1/2017)
302.730   Nonresident may operate commercial motor vehicles, when. (8/28/1989)
302.735   Application for commercial license, contents, expiration, duration, fees — new resident, application dates — falsification of information, ineligibility for license, when — nondomiciled commercial license issued, when. (8/28/2013)
302.740   License, manufacture of, requirements — driving information to be obtained prior to issue of license, notice to commercial driver license information system, when. (8/28/2013)
302.745   Chemical tests, requirements — implied consent given, limits — use as evidence, test results. (1/1/2017)
302.750   Refusal to consent to test, effect — procedures — hearing allowed, when. (1/1/2017)
302.755   Violations, disqualification from driving, duration, penalties — reapplication procedure. (8/28/2021)
302.756   Violation of out-of-service order by driver or employer knowing driver is in violation, civil penalties. (9/30/2005)
302.760   Nonresidents, action against license, notice to licensing state, when. (9/30/2005)
302.765   Rules and regulations, promulgation of, procedure — driving instruction programs of state colleges and universities to be approved. (8/28/1995)
302.768   Compliance with federal law, certification required — application requirements, procedure. (8/28/2023)
302.769   Contingent effective date. (8/28/2012)
302.770   Cooperation with other jurisdictions. (8/28/1995)
302.775   Provisions of law not applicable, when. (8/28/2009)
302.780   Unlawful acts, penalty. (1/1/2017)
 - Cross References
Alcohol-related driving offenses, expungement from records, procedure, 610.130
Confidentiality of driver registration records of county, state or federal parole officers and federal pretrial officers, 32.056
Licenses used as identification authorized for liquor control law, also certain other states, 311.328
Limitation on fees for bulk requests for motor vehicle or driver license records, 301.351
Military service, exemption from provisions of law, 41.950
Nonresident Violator Compact, 544.046
Registration fees deposited in state highway department fund, 301.090
Source and application of highway funds, Const. Art. IV § 30(b)
Transportation network company (UBER) drivers, licensure requirements, 387.438
University of Missouri campuses, traffic regulation, points assessed, laws, applicable, 172.743 to 172.750

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