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 Chapter 8 State Buildings and Lands 
8.001   Second state capitol commission established. (8/28/2009)
8.003   Membership of commission, terms, meetings, annual report. (8/28/2018)
8.007   Duties of the commission — state capitol commission fund created, lapse to general revenue prohibited — copyright and trademark permitted, when. (8/28/2018)
8.010   Board of public buildings created — members — powers and duties. (8/28/2018)
8.012   Flags authorized to be displayed at all state buildings. (8/28/2018)
8.015   Senate accounts committee to control use of certain space and equipment in capitol. (8/28/2018)
8.016   State capitol dome key, members of general assembly to be provided with — training required. (8/28/2010)
8.017   House accounts committee to control use of certain space and equipment in capitol. (8/28/2018)
8.020   Governor's mansion preservation advisory commission created — qualifications and compensation of members. (8/28/1980)
8.051   Gift shop in state capitol — staff — items sold. (8/28/1990)
8.055   High speed Wi-Fi internet access at Capitol building. (8/28/2022)
8.110   Division of facilities management, design and construction created, duties. (8/28/2014)
8.115   Armed security guards for state-owned or leased facilities, not applicable to Cole County. (8/28/2014)
8.150   Defacing state facilities, penalty — acts by minors, liability. (8/28/1990)
8.170   Shall prosecute for injuries. (8/28/1957)
8.172   Parking on capitol grounds, regulations — enforcement. (8/28/1995)
8.173   Joint committee on Capitol security created, members, duties, meetings. (8/28/2016)
8.175   Capitol parking garages under joint control of general assembly — employee parking when not in session, exceptions. (8/28/1990)
8.177   Missouri capitol police officers, powers and duties. (8/28/2005)
8.178   Violation of parking regulations, penalty. (8/28/1995)
8.180   Director to pay certain costs. (8/28/2014)
8.200   Director may proceed against sheriff. (8/28/2014)
8.210   Duty of peace officers of Cole County. (8/28/1957)
8.220   Amount expended for construction not to exceed appropriation. (8/28/1957)
8.231   Guaranteed energy cost savings contracts, definitions — bids required, when — proposal request to include what — contract, to whom awarded, to contain certain guarantees. (8/28/2002)
8.235   Office of administration to contract for guaranteed energy cost savings contracts by bid, criteria — use of funds by governmental units — procurement implementation date. (8/28/2004)
8.237   Office of administration to develop statewide plan of energy conservation and cost savings, state buildings and facilities — requirements — moneys to be used. (8/28/2004)
8.238   Energy efficiency implementation — deposits into administrative trust fund — annual report, contents — authority of office of administration, rulemaking. (8/28/2005)
8.240   Board may acquire lands for state, how. (8/28/1965)
8.241   Certain land in St. Louis City — restrictions. (8/28/2011)
8.250   Contracts for projects by state or certain subdivisions, bidding required, when — prohibition against dividing project into component parts. (8/28/2022)
8.255   Standing contracts, advertisement and bids — director, duties — agency reports. (8/28/2007)
8.260   Appropriations of $100,000 or more for buildings, how paid out. (8/28/2022)
8.270   Appropriations for less than $100,000, how paid out. (6/29/2005)
8.275   Third state building trust fund establishment and maintenance. (8/28/1985)
8.280   Missouri products shall be used in construction or repair of public buildings. (8/28/1957)
8.285   Policy on contracts for architectural, engineering, land surveying services. (8/28/1983)
8.287   Definitions. (8/28/1983)
8.289   Agencies using services to be furnished statement of firm's qualifications and performance data. (8/28/1983)
8.291   Negotiation for contract — not applicable for certain political subdivisions. (8/28/2007)
8.293   Rulemaking, procedure. (8/28/1995)
8.294   State facility maintenance and operation fund created, administration. (8/28/1995)
8.295   Facilities maintenance reserve fund, up to ten percent of moneys to be used for certain energy projects. (8/28/2008)

Commissioner of administration to prepare long-range plans for repair, construction and rehabilitation of state properties, 37.010

8.310   Duties of director as to construction, repairs and purchases — exceptions. (8/28/2014)
8.315   Duties of director, capital improvement projects. (8/28/2014)
8.316   Division to promulgate method to calculate replacement cost of buildings owned by public institutions of higher education. (8/28/2014)
8.320   Director to prescribe conditions and procedures for repair and maintenance of buildings. (8/28/2014)
8.325   Capital improvements, cost estimates, content requirements — rental quarters with defective conditions, reoccupation by state agencies, when. (8/28/2014)
8.330   Information as to condition of buildings, collection, availability. (8/28/2014)
8.340   Director to keep file on state lands and condition of buildings. (8/28/2014)
8.350   Director to deliver papers and property to successor. (8/28/2014)
8.360   Inspection and report as to condition of buildings. (8/28/2014)
8.370   Definitions. (2/26/2003)
8.380   Board may acquire and erect buildings — condemnation — may lease to agencies of state and political subdivisions. (6/29/1999)
8.390   State agencies to use buildings and pay rentals. (5/20/1982)
8.400   Board may issue revenue bonds, contents — bonds for retrofitting projects, use of proceeds — board may request annual appropriations to pay bonds and to restore reserve funds. (2/26/2003)
8.410   Revenue bonds not obligations of state. (8/28/1959)
8.420   Revenue bonds, form, effect, interest rates — approval by committee on legislative research. (8/28/2022)
8.430   Revenue bonds refunded, when — contents of refunding bonds. (8/28/1959)
8.440   Board may prescribe form and details of bonds — holder may enforce duties of board. (6/18/1991)
8.450   Two-thirds vote of board required for bonds. (8/28/1959)
8.460   State office building authorized in Jefferson City — rented quarters — general assembly may move certain offices from Capitol building. (8/28/1967)
8.475   Citation of law — definitions — vertical real estate or towers, political subdivisions may be constructed. (8/28/2022)
8.500   Citation. (6/7/2002)
8.505   Definitions. (6/7/2002)
8.510   Tobacco settlement financing authority created, purpose, restrictions. (6/7/2002)
8.515   Powers of authority not restricted or limited — proceedings, notice or approval not required, when. (6/7/2002)
8.520   Board to exercise powers, membership, meetings, no compensation. (6/7/2002)
8.525   No personal liability for board members, when. (6/7/2002)
8.530   Powers of the authority. (6/7/2002)
8.535   Authority to sell or assign state's share of tobacco settlement. (6/7/2002)
8.540   Issuance of bonds authorized, when. (6/7/2002)
8.545   Proceeds of bonds to be deposited in the tobacco securitization settlement trust fund, use of moneys — issuance of bonds, requirements. (6/7/2002)
8.550   Tobacco securitization settlement trust fund established, source of fund moneys, uses — qualified tax-exempt expenditure account and taxable expenditure account authorized. (6/7/2002)
8.552   Authority to determine deposit and withdrawal of moneys. (6/7/2002)
8.555   Exemption from competitive bidding requirements of the state. (6/7/2002)
8.557   Annual report to the general assembly to be submitted, content. (6/7/2002)
8.560   No bankruptcy petition may be filed, when. (6/7/2002)
8.565   Dissolution of authority, when — transfer of assets upon dissolution. (6/7/2002)
8.570   Issuance of bonds by board of public buildings, use of proceeds. (6/7/2002)
8.572   Bond issuance not deemed indebtedness of the state or board of public buildings. (6/7/2002)
8.575   Bond requirements. (6/7/2002)
8.580   Refunding of bonds, when, procedure. (6/7/2002)
8.585   Form details and incidents of bonds to be prescribed by board of public buildings. (6/7/2002)
8.589   Termination date for sections 8.500 to 8.590 — office of administration to notify revisor of statutes of date. (2/26/2003)
8.590   Resolution of board of public buildings required for issuance of bonds. (6/7/2002)
8.591   Limitation on authority to sell bonds. (2/26/2003)
8.592   Issuance of notes, maturity dates — transfer of funds to secure notes. (6/7/2002)
8.595   Liberal construction of act. (6/7/2002)
8.610   Standards for all public facilities and buildings using state or political subdivision funds. (8/28/1989)
8.620   Renovations by political subdivisions — specifications to make accessible and usable by physically disabled — standards to be met. (8/28/1989)
8.622   Renovation and new construction by state or new construction by political subdivision to be accessible and usable by the disabled — standards. (8/28/1989)
8.623   Repair, maintenance or new construction by state using federal funds, standards — Missouri to hold United States harmless from damages. (8/28/1989)
8.630   Who shall enforce. (8/28/1973)
8.640   Exempt buildings and facilities. (8/28/1989)
8.650   Deviations from standards, when permitted. (8/28/2011)
8.655   Wheelchair accessibility sign, display required, when. (8/28/1975)
8.657   Construction companies domiciled outside state — requirements. (8/28/1990)
8.660   Definitions. (2/26/2003)
8.661   Board of public buildings, with approval of the committee on legislative research, to proceed with projects — powers and duties. (2/26/2003)
8.662   Agencies of state may be required to occupy quarters in the project — agencies may be required to contribute from funds appropriated to share in cost of energy retrofitting. (2/26/2003)
8.663   Board may issue and sell revenue bonds to establish and maintain an interest and sinking fund — request for appropriation authorized. (2/26/2003)
8.664   Bonds not an obligation of the state or board. (2/26/2003)
8.665   Board to determine rate, not to exceed fifteen percent, and maturity date — bonds may be either serial or term — limitation. (8/28/2014)
8.667   Refunding of bonds authorized. (2/26/2003)
8.668   Board to prescribe details and incidents of the bonds and make necessary covenants. (2/26/2003)
8.670   Resolution of board required for issuance of bonds. (2/26/2003)
8.675   Construction management services defined. (8/28/1993)
8.677   Construction management services to be used when. (8/28/1993)
8.679   Contract required, procedure to solicit proposals, advertising required in county where work located, open bidding. (8/28/1993)
8.681   Proposals, how selected — reevaluation, when — new solicitation of proposals. (8/28/1993)
8.683   Duties of successful construction manager obtaining contract. (8/28/1993)
8.685   Prohibited conduct by construction management service, effect. (8/28/1993)
8.687   Bond not required for construction manager — law not applicable if construction done by public employees. (8/28/1993)
8.690   Manager-at-risk and design-build delivery methods utilized, when. (8/28/2022)
8.700   Definitions. (8/28/2014)
8.705   Blind persons to have priority in operation of vending facilities — state property defined — exceptions. (8/28/1985)
8.710   Rules, bureau of the blind to develop, procedure. (8/28/1995)
8.715   Construction or installation of vending facility, procedure — costs — objections — application to board of public buildings, when. (8/28/1981)
8.720   Plans, changes in state property, notice to licensing agent, when — objection procedure, effect. (8/28/1981)
8.725   Sites for vending facilities required, exception — satisfactory site defined — not applicable to certain existing operations. (8/28/1981)
8.730   Income must be adequate to establish facility. (8/28/1981)
8.735   Licenses or permits to be issued without charge. (8/28/1981)
8.740   Health and sanitation regulations, exception, guide dogs permitted. (8/28/1981)
8.745   Hearings and review of decisions, procedure — appeals. (8/28/1981)
8.800   Definitions. (8/28/2018)
8.803   Financing of energy efficiency projects in state buildings, bond issues authorized, procedure. (8/28/1993)
8.805   Energy savings in state building projects beyond financing obligation, how deposited — criteria to be established for projected savings — report due when. (8/28/2018)
8.807   Energy analyses account established, purpose, administration, account not to lapse into general revenue. (8/28/1993)
8.810   State building construction or substantial renovation — analysis required, content — division of design and construction not to let contracts without considering — projection of energy savings required, when. (8/28/2008)
8.812   Minimum energy efficiency standards for state buildings established by rule — compliance required — exemption, when. (8/28/2008)
8.815   Voluntary work group of persons and interest groups with expertise in energy efficiency to be established, duties. (8/28/2008)
8.817   Analysis of all state buildings for energy efficiency, annual report due when — filed with whom. (8/28/1993)
8.820   Baseline for energy consumption and costs for all buildings owned or leased by state. (8/28/1993)
8.823   Division to recommend energy efficiency projects. (8/28/1993)
8.825   Department to provide energy efficiency practices information to persons in construction or maintenance of state buildings. (8/28/1993)
8.830   Definitions. (8/28/2018)
8.833   Bond issues authorized for energy efficiency and energy retrofitting projects in state buildings — priority assigned by office of administration. (8/28/1993)
8.837   Minimum energy standard to be developed by rule for certain new or renovated state buildings. (8/28/2008)
8.840   Energy efficiency rating system to be provided by rule — rating system to be applied to all buildings before acquiring or leasing. (8/28/1993)
8.843   Interagency advisory committee on energy cost reduction and savings, members, duties. (8/28/2018)
8.845   Division to compile data on energy consumption and costs and develop baseline use of data. (8/28/1993)
8.847   Department to make energy efficiency practices information available for construction, retrofitting and maintenance of state and public buildings. (8/28/1993)
8.849   Federal petroleum violation escrow fund to be used to fund projects. (8/28/1993)
8.851   Quality of indoor air not to be sacrificed for increased energy efficiency. (8/28/1993)
8.890   Access to public land for horse and mule use, no denial on certain trails and roads, exception. (8/28/2009)
8.900   Memorial for workers killed or disabled on the job — fund established, investment, fund not to lapse into general revenue. (8/28/2011)
8.910   Alex M. Petrovic Reading Room designated at a building of the Missouri State Archives. (8/28/2005)
8.912   Designates the department of agriculture building as the George Washington Carver Building. (8/28/2007)
8.922   United States and state flags flown on state property, manufacture in United States required. (8/28/2008)
8.960   Prompt payments required — progress payments — retainage — late payment charges — withholding of payments. (8/28/2022)
8.962   Public works contract defined — certain contract clauses against public policy, exceptions. (8/28/2022)
8.964   Citation of law. (8/28/2022)
8.966   Purpose statement. (8/28/2022)
8.968   Requirements for certain contracts for construction, repair, remodeling, or demolition of facilities. (8/28/2022)
8.970   Grants, tax abatements or tax credits, and cooperative agreements for construction projects prohibited, when. (8/28/2022)
8.972   Nonseverability clause. (8/28/2022)
8.974   Violation, remedies — investigation of complaints. (8/28/2022)
 - Cross References
Accretions and islands granted to counties for school purposes, 241.290
Escheated lands, proceedings to vest in state, 470.060 to 470.160
Federal jurisdiction over federal enclaves, cession and retrocession, 12.028
Highways and transportation commission may sell land, when, 227.290
Purchases, contracts, leases by all public agencies to be only for goods produced in the United States, exceptions, procedure, 34.350 to 34.363
Railroad right-of-way through unimproved state lands granted, procedure, 388.380
Real property, state agencies may convey for state highway purposes, 227.130
Real property, state may convey to urban redevelopment corporation, 353.120
State property preservation fund created to repair or replace damage to state buildings, 37.410, 37.413
Statute of limitations not to extend to state lands, 516.090
Swamplands of state conveyed to counties, 241.010

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